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fx-arbitrage.com is a modern-day investment company, using state-of-the-art trading technologies to yield interests for it's numerous clients from around the world.

fx-arbitrage.com stands out as a digital asset investment company, amongst others. The company was created to provide intelligent portfolios with its smart investors, customer-eccentricity approach, safe and high-end trading platforms and tools. Our investment methods eliminate the risks often associated with earning from digital assets. The company offers exclusive interest return.

We're a company trusted by many from around over 13 countries around the world...

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An investment with fx-arbitrage.com is a smart one. We've helped many individuals and institutions reach their financial goals. Let's help you, too.

Investment Products


We have selected the top 20 cryptocurrencies into our crypto assets, and these selection have the highest performance..


Our Forex instrument contains 50+ FX currency pairs that are best performers and with favorable volatility.


We have selected over 3,000 stocks from Blue chips or new IPOs, great US markets and local European exchanges.


We have analyzed and selected over 120 Options which give our portfolio great leverage for profit over 80% of the trades.


Over 500 futures varieties from commodities to bonds on markets like CME, LIFFE, EUREX or FORTS, etc.

Why would you invest anywhere else?

Stay ahead of others, and in constant profit, with our award-winning investment experience. We've earned our place at the top, serving investors like you.

  • #1 Customer Service
  • #1 Platform and Tools
  • #1 Portfolio Manager
  • #1 Cryptocurrencies Assets Provider

Investment Plans


Min 100 USD

Max 10,000 USD

Daily for 7 days
  • 3% ROI Daily for 7 days
  • Principal Included
  • 10% Referal Commission


Min 10,000 USD

Max 50,000 USD

Daily for 7 days
  • 5% ROI Daily for 7 days
  • Principal Included
  • 10% Referal Commission


Min 50,000 USD

Max 100,000 USD

Daily for 7 days
  • 10% ROI Daily for 7 days
  • Principal Included
  • 10% Referal Commission


Min 101,000 USD

Max Unlimited

Daily for 7 days
  • 20% ROI Daily for 7 days
  • Principal Included
  • 10% Referal Commission

company certificate

Registered in Austrailia with a registration number : 138753803


Company Number: 138753803

Enjoy Dedicated managers

Every Investor with an active account is assigned an investent manager who guides you and ensures that your portfolio is well managed.

Our managers are well trained and experienced in customer relations, and are expert investors themselves. No client is left in the dark.

We ensure that investors are not left in the dark about the performance of their portfolio. In addition to a robust back office from where you can monitor your investment, you have a live manager you can always talk to.

If you have inquiries about how to start, or just want more information, kindly fill the form and get valuable feedback.

Quickly provide us with your contact and one of our advisors will contact you, ready to answer any questions you might have concerning our services and investment options.

Consultation is free after you have created an account with us.




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After opening your free account, the next thing is to select a plan that matches your budget, as well as your financial objectives.

If you don't find a plan that suits your, just reach out to one of our available advisors, and they'll help you set up fast and easy.

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Funding your account has been made fast and easy. All you have to do is request the payment account and make the deposit. As soon as your deposit is confirmed, your profit starts to count.

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More investment options. More opportunities to grow your wealth.

Get access to cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds & CDs, options, non-proprietary mutual funds, futures, forex, commission-free ETFs*, and more in our diversified portfolio option and also take advantage of a wider range of opportunities.

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